Our Team

My first journey back to Mozambique blessed me with meeting extraordinary individuals, including…

Samuel António Figueira, my friend, who I first met during my drive from Beira to Gorongosa and who is my miracle in making it possible for SARDEiRA to have the talented team of craftspeople from the Sofala Province in Mozambique exclusively making the wickerwork details in our packaging... I am grateful for each individual's trust in joining my venture. Angélica João Sunge, Eva Manuel, Fania Andrason, Francisca João, Jacinto Pedro Manuel, José Simbe and Marta João.

Jorge Coelho Ferreira, my friend, and remarkable photographer who I met while on safari at Gorongosa National Park. Jorge generously offered me his up close photographs for me to grasp all the details I desired for my designs.

Simba Munyambo, my safari guide who did not give up until I experienced being up close with an elephant.

Veronika Scharpmann, my friend, who I also met while on safari at Gorongosa National Park. Veronika made every safari journey and our walks to the waterfall and the village happier adventures.

My experience evolved my vision for SARDEiRA into a brand that stands for exquisite design…

… and one that stands for empowering, inspiring, and celebrating each individual.

To bring SARDEiRA to full bloom took a family of talented individuals & companies from across the United States.

They accepted the challenges and stayed persistent until my complete vision was realized. I am eternally grateful for every contribution. Anny Chow, Blair Designs, David Nytch, Imperial Designs LLC, Le Bear Design, Luigi Badia, Luis Ernesto Santana, Park Avenue International, Inc., North American Mint, Inc, Rich Group, LLC, Richards & West, Inc., Sancimar Creations, Inc., Sylvia Hoke

Meet Our Team

Blair Designs
Francisca João, Angélica João Sunge
Imperial Designs LLC

Jacinto Pedro Manuel, Marta João, Eva Manuel, Fania Andrason
Jorge Coelho Ferreira and Veronika Scharpmann
Luigi Badia

North American Mint
Rich Group LLC
Samuel António Figueira

Simba Munyambo
Luis Ernesto Santana - Still Life Photography
Le Bear Design - Ana Caiado and Rafael Franciosi
Sylvia Hoke Photography - Portraiture