My Inspiration

I was born in Mozambique, and when I was 3 years old, my family moved. I grew up, listening to my grandfather Antonio’s stories about Mozambique. He would describe the people, the savannahs, and the wildlife. My parents’ stories were mostly about life in Beira, the city where I was born, and Gorongosa National Park’s safaris and their adventures with lions, warthogs, zebras, antelopes and elephants.

All their stories fascinated me and left me wonderstruck about my birth nation. In particular the one my parents often shared about a safari my sister and I took with them during which an elephant got frightened and almost charged against the jeep we were in.

This story often had me envision the day I would return and experience being completely surrounded by wildlife in the midst of a savannah.

When I decided to found SARDEiRA, I knew the first collection of designs would be inspired by Mozambique.

After a couple of weeks of research in New York City’s libraries, I said to my family and friends:

The only way I’m going to be inspired by Mozambique authentically, is by GOING to Mozambique myself.

So I called my travel agent, booked my flights, and planned a safari in Gorongosa National Park. 3 weeks later, I arrived in the country of my birth, fascinated by what I would find.

My experience was amazing. I had never seen nature so REAL.

Nature, given the freedom by mankind to simply exist. Everything my family had told me about – the people, the wildlife, the vegetation... I was there. Experiencing it. Breathtaking moment after moment of adventure, beauty, and inspiration.

I spent an evening in Beira, my birth city, where I walked on the beach where my mother had walked when pregnant with me.

As I walked up onto the dunes, looking out at the Indian Ocean, with the light of the full moon engulfing me...

I started weeping, and I said to myself:

I’m finally home.

It was then, in that moment, that something shifted in me.

I realized that Mozambique’s endless beauty wouldn’t just inspire my first collection for SARDEiRA – it would inspire every collection, as well as the brand itself.

The intense blues of the waters and skies, plus the powerful memory of the elephants I photographed led me to choose blue and grey as SARDEiRA’s primary brand colors. The colors of the sunsets (gold, rose, and even a metallic grey) inspired me to offer the designs in silver, 18K yellow, 18k rose and 18K white gold.

The moments I spent amidst the wildlife inspired my inaugural designs for the AMOR Collection.

Through SARDEiRA, my commitment is to use my talents in serving my primary passions…

…create economic growth opportunity for talented artists and crafts people in the United States and Mozambique.

…protect and preserve the invaluable natural treasure I call Mozambique, as well as nature worldwide. 10% of all proceeds from SARDEiRA sales are donated to a nonprofit foundation, supporting their committed work in preserving and protecting wildlife, marine life and their habitats globally.

My experience evolved my vision for SARDEiRA into a brand that stands for exquisite design, and one that stands for empowering, inspiring, and celebrating each individual.